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Hey There!

All About Me

I am former school counselor, early childhood teacher, advocate, and researcher. I've spent years until I got my master in Developmental & Experimental Psychology while researching and filtering through the noise online so you don't have to. 

I graduated Summa Cumlaude with Honors as Master of Science in Experimental and Developmental Psychology from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My longtime passion is learning about children's development, behavior, and education especially those in their early childhood. On top of that, I am a professional researcher who love conducting both quantitative and qualitative research. And I am a passionate writer!

My latest international publication is titled "Disengagement is as revealing as prosocial action for young children's responding to strangers in distress: How personal distress and emphatic concern come into play." published in International Journal of Behavioral Development by Sage Publishing when the pandemic hit the world in 2020. 

Currently, I devoted my knowledge, skills, and myself as a Stay-at-Home-Mom for my family. 

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